Customer Comments


"We have really  enjoyed our visit here at your beautiful home.  We feel honored that we  were among your first B & B guests."  KH, Hollister, CA.

 "Such  a beautiful and interesting home.  We really enjoyed our stay here, and  the breakfasts - out of this world!"    In a thank you note, this  customer added, "Just had to tell you again how much we enjoyed our stay  in your home.  If anyone asks about our trip we tell them the B & B  was the highlight - and the breakfasts were fantastic!!  Thank you for  your gracious hospitality."  RG, Libertyville, IL.

"Thanks for your amazing hospitality!!  Hope we can come back and stay again someday."  JA, Patterson, CA.

"Great lodging, great breakfasts!  Comfortable beds - terrific hosts ".  DP, Lubbock, TX.

Mountain View Bed and Breakfast: a review by Carrie Isaacs, Posted: 23 Jul 2009 11:35 AM PDT 

There  are two main criteria I use when deciding what deals to post here: one,  it has to be a good deal, and two, it has to be relevant to a good  number of people.   Mountain View Bed and Breakfast in Colorado Springs  is a business I can recommend as a good deal for just about all of you.

The  room we stayed in was “The View” – it had a queen bed, and it’s just  $70 a night.  It had great views of Cheyenne Mountain and the gorgeous  Colorado Springs city lights!  There’s another room downstairs with a  king bed and a hide-a-bed, so it could sleep four if needed ($75). You  can stay in a room with a double bed for $65, and they’ve got a room  with a single for $60.  And of course, the rates include a full  breakfast in the morning!  Just enjoy it and don’t ask Ginger how much  fat is in the bacon!

Another great thing about Mountain View is  that they are kid-friendly.  They’ve even got a great playground!   Ginger and Tony were very gracious hosts and totally made sure we had  everything we needed.  Ginger’s been in the hospitality business for  years and knows how to make people comfortable.

​If  you want a getaway that won’t break the bank, I would totally encourage  you to talk to Tony and Ginger about reserving a night!  More  information is on their website, and you can call them at 719.495.2683  to check availability.  Tell them you heard about them from  SpringsBargains, and if you stay a night, I’d love to hear what you  think!   Link to the review is:

 Of  all the wonderful B&B's we have visited in Texas, your B&B  rates the best!  "5 star +++.  As our precious granddaughter would say,  "All the way to infinity and back."  NC, Guthrie, OK.

 Thank you  very much for so warmly welcoming us at your B&B.  Your hospitality  is wonderful, and your prices are the best we've ever seen!  We are  grateful for the affordable, relaxing and refreshing getaway and look  forward to staying with you again in the future.  Thanks for the laughs  and sweet fellowship.  CH, Peyton, CO.

 Thank you so much for your warm hospitality, delicious food and fellowship.  We will definitely be back!   MM, Brighton, CO.

 "What  a beautiful setting and warm reception!  This little oasis was just  what we needed.  The breakfasts were delicious and you even arranged for  a fluffy snowfall to make the place even more beautiful!"  PH

 "Thank  you very much for a wonderful stay.  We greatly enjoyed our room, the  delicious breakfasts, and the wonderful hosts!  Your home is beautiful,  and we are very thankful for your hospitality."  JJ, Overland Park, KS 

"Thanks for your amazing generosity and for blessing us on our 1 year wedding anniversary.  K&D, Sioux Falls, SD

 "We  thoroughly enjoyed our stay with you.  Your B&B is so beautiful and  the rooms were very comfortable.  Breakfast was also delightful.  The  best part of our stay was meeting you and experiencing your  hospitality.  We will highly recommend it to friends and family.  We  only have one regret - we only got to stay one night!"  JC, Columbia, MO

 "Great  location, beautiful house, calming bedrooms, great bathroom (love the  sink!), fantastic breakfast and the "touch of Europe" made it perfect.   E&T, Ghent, Belgium.

 "You opened your house and your lives to us.  For that we are especially grateful."  NW, Ft. Carson.

 "This has been the best birthday ever!  Your home is amazing.  Thanks a million."  RE, Dallas, TX.

 "Thank  you for your hospitality and opening your home as a peaceful retreat.   The breakfasts have been wonderful!  E&WK, Lincoln, NE.

"Thank  you for your hospitality and opening your home as a peaceful retreat.   We especially appreciated that you let our family take over your dining  room for an evening of cards and celebration of our son's graduation  from Colorado College."  WK, Lincoln, NE.

"I have found paradise  on earth in the Black Forest, Colorado Springs, Colorado.  As a  worldwide traveler, the comfort, hospitality, and graciousness offered  by the hosts is without comparison.  I started out as a guest and leave  as an admirer of my hosts."  KC

"The love and warmth of your home  are magical!  My stay here has been so much more than anyone could have  prepared me for.  You have enriched my spirit and my life."  Liz

"Thank  you for your wonderful "Texas" hospitality.  You took great care of me  and treated me like a member of your own family.  I will miss our  breakfasts together."  KW, Rockwall, TX

"So have enjoyed the week  we spent with you.  The scrumptious breakfasts, beautiful home and  amazing hospitality are truly "Texas" sized.  C&TW, Maryville, MO

"So  nice to know you both.  We thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful home and  you hospitality.  As Hawaiian residents for over 40 years, we have high  standards on living environment, but your home is just a dream for  all."  CS&GT, Kailua, Hawaii

"Your house is truly a warm and beautiful place to find respite from the worries of life."  DC, Garrett, IN

"This  has been one of the highlights of my 83 years attending my  granddaughters wedding and residing at your wonderful B&B."  DJ

"It has been like being at home here but with better food!"  KF

"We felt at home every day because you made it that way!" DF, Cambridge, MN

"The  room was so comfortable and I loved waking up and seeing the pines  outside my window.  The breakfast was delicious and the coffee  perfect."  JC, Washington, DC

"Thank  you for opening your home, hearts, and spirits.  We always feel at home  and comfortable.  Your God-given talents and gifts shine bright."

"Thank  you for another wonderful stay.  We look forward to coming here to the  BnB when we come to Colorado from northern Indiana." 

"What  a wonderful experience to have stayed with you and to become friends.   Your place is beautiful, your hospitality exceeded our expectations."   CG St. Joseph, MO.


My  wife and I are very private and have never stayed at a bed and breakfast before.  AMAZING WEEKEND!!!

We  were made to feel at home and welcome here.  The most amazing hosts  ever!  The property is breathtaking, breakfast was to die for!  I hope  to stay here again in the future, such a wonderful place and wonderful  people.  I would have expected to pay 4 times more than I did."  KM LA,  CA

"What a treat to meet you and to enjoy such a  charming and picturesque sojourn on our visit to Colorado.  Everywhere  we looked, charm and old-home comfort.  CR, AR

"You are the greatest host and hostess we have ever experienced.  We love your genuine hospitality." jd, TX

"Such  a wonderful place!  Enjoyed every minute of our stay.  The breakfasts  were great.  If we are back in the area, you will be our first call."bh

"Your place has been the perfect get-away.  Your hospitality and compassion does not go unnoticed!

Thank you so much for this perfect stay.  It struck me how safe I felt here as I traveled alone .  The house was spotless and the food was incredible.  Thank you for being a blessing in the mountains.  MH, SD